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At LEAP, nearly 300 Mount Holyoke students present about their internships and research experiences. You will hear from future policy makers, activists, entrepeneurs, data scientists, teachers, researchers, and market analysts. Most will tell stories of unmitigated success and transformative learning. Others will share details of unexpected challenges they faced, and how they were required to shift and adapt in response. Students worked in 42 countries in every imaginable field. They will discuss important issues of social justice, relate how they met challenges of communication and expression in new contexts, and talk about how to find and succeed in summer internships.

LEAP is designed to give students who aspire to undertake internships and summer research the opportunity to learn from their peers. It is also for the whole Mount Holyoke community where family, friends, faculty, staff and our alumnae come together to celebrate the work and contributions of the presenters.

We are hugely impressed by students in College 211 and inspired by their individual success and collective learning. Their work in bringing the LEAP Symposium to fruition was exceptional. We thank the faculty, staff, alumnae, donors, and internship and research providers whose contributions have make this event possible.

LEAP presenters: Congratulations.

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Friday, October 20

12:30pm EDT

Cultural Translations: Asia-America Reese 316Timothy Malacarne • (4) Camille Gladieux • Carmen Huang • Sally Ma • Mengyao Xu Design Across Borders Clapp 218Michael Davis • Nicole De Araujo • Shikha Thakali • Ruth Wondimu • (2) Sara-Ann Yong Environmental Research, Restoration, and Rehabilitation Cleveland L1Jason Andras • (3) Shannon Cook • Emma Lynch • Haley Rivers • Marge Seguin Growing & Sharing the Environment with Local and Global Communities Cleveland L3Timothy Farnham • Eleanor • Leila Kouakou • Shannon Paton • Izzy Putnal • Lynn Shen Justice for Whom? Advocacy, Defense and Law Reese 304Vanessa Rosa • Violet Fortier • (2) Kirina Gair-Macmichael • Jenna • Juliana LaMendola • Alondra Reyes Language Spaces Carr 102Amy Grillo • Miralva Gusmao • Radhika Kashyap • Maria-Luiza Taskova • (1) Lila Teenyanoff Rebuilding the Foundation Clapp 407Mara Breen • Anne Demosthene • Kate Hall • Briyana Joseph • Youtee Wheagar Rising above the Pipeline: Integrating Research and Practice Clapp 206Jared Schwartzer • Emma Beck • Kaitlin Braz • Madeline Derentz • Haley Subocz • Talia The Art of Effective Communication Kendade 303Todd Brewster • Allegra Dufresne • Emily • Adrianna Ke • Isoke Samuel The Common Bond Between Real-World Applications and the Different Disciplines of Chemistry Cleveland L2Wei Chen • Alexandra • Emily Graham • Yuan Tian • (2) Victoria Yan The Justice League: Law, Advocacy, and Public Policy Kendade 203Christopher Mitchell • Nada Al-Thawr • Kelly Bentdahl • Niamh Gronningsater • Maryanne Magnier • Sofia Elisa Rivera Youth Empowerment: Breaking Barriers, Building Community Kendade 305Dr. Jen Matos • Jenna Hill • Val Montesino • Liz Rose • Brandy Williamson

1:30pm EDT

4 Continents, 33 Countries, 5 Non-Profit Organizations, 1 Lynk Clapp 218Alan Bloomgarden • Caroline Clowers • Sara Kamal • Schuyler Lamb • Topaz Mukulu • Kaussar Rahman Bridging the Gap from Journalism to the Arts Clapp 306Noah Tuleja • Abigail Carroll • Claire • (1) Rachel Polfer • Esther Simon Chasing an Epidemic: Understanding Health Crises from Lab Work to Outreach Kendade 305Corey Flanders • Tess Ahlers • (2) Abena Bosompem • (2) Emma Dolan • Kate Farmer Crafting Dynamic and Adaptive Messaging Cleveland L3Eleanor Townsley • Ariana Sarmiento Fielding • Qianzhen Fu • Sharon Juerong Jiang • Julia • Shannon Seigal Culture, Creativity and Collaboration in Visual Media Clapp 206Robin Blaetz • Amanda Gomez • Jasmine Keuter • Shay Lahon • Kaatyaayani Pandey • Celestelle Webster Education, Empowerment, and Individuality in Japan Kendade 107Amy Grillo • Jamesa Allen • Alyssa Jones • Erin Murdock • Nicole Aline Pelletier Empowering Learners to Become Future Leaders Reese 304Kirk Lange • Fatema Ali Asghar • Cailin Van Nevel • Bernadette Norman • Crystal Seo Government and Policy across Borders Kendade 303Sohail Hashmi • Lorena Cacho • Sarah McCool • Upasana Sharma • Anna Shortridge • Echo Wang Imperfect Internships: It’s Not the End! Clapp 407Steven Schmeiser • Hana • Sarjana Jaiswal • Kannah Landford • Olivia Solomon • Frieda Yeung Navigating Diverse Business Environments through a Liberal Arts Lens Cleveland L2Rick Feldman • Shruti Khullar • Alessandra Massa • Xinyi Zhao • Anna Zheng Scaling Development Policy of Sub-Saharan Africa: Local to Global Perspectives Cleveland L1Girma Kebbede • Edith Amoafoa-Smart • Rhema Ewurama Andah • Javeria Kella • Sabah Majid Lotia • Donari Yahzid Striving for Social Betterment: Behind the Scenes of Non-Profit Organizations Reese 316Timothy Farnham • Claire Beckett • Hoai Thu Dang • Trang Thu Hoang • Anima Shrestha • Anran Wang The Past, Present, and Future of the LGBTQ Community around the Globe Carr 102Timothy Malacarne • Allison Elliott • Eisha Khan • Michelle Araque Pérez • Lindsay Theobald The Times it is A-changin': The New Face of Journalism in the Digital Age Kendade 203Todd Brewster • Sana Hasan • Rebecca Mullen • Eileen O'Grady • Madeline Skrak

2:45pm EDT

Dialogues within Our Community: Updating our Connections Kendade 305KC Haydon • Melissa Curran • Martha • Kate Ouimette • Mairead Rose Tuttle Dipping Your Feet in Familiar and Foreign Waters: Gaining Transferable Skills Near and Far from Home Cleveland L1Jeremy King • Claudia Espinosa • Marianna Maddock • (3) Elise Newcomer • Suzanne Dirty, Poor, and Proud: Exploring Opportunities for the MHC Afterlife Kendade 203Patricia Brennan • (3) Muyuan Li • (5) Anna Rzchowski • Illianna Termuehlen • Zhuoran Yu Expanding Never Fear/Change Beyond Mount Holyoke College Clapp 206Rachel Alldis • Sarah Angela N. Almaden • Kim Foreiter • Melissa Perez • Samantha • Natalie Truong Hot and Cold History: Discovering the Past through Archaeology and Museums Clapp 306Geoffrey Sumi • Alexandra Brennan • Xinyi Hu • Robin Pegau • Margaret Randall-Neppl Media Production across Formats Clapp 218Robin Blaetz • Elizabeth Gottshall • Roberta Green • (2) Chloe Harkins • Isabella Olgaard Outreach: Taking your internship to the community Carr 102Timothy Malacarne • Sarah Byrne • Emily M. Conley • Daiana Griffith • Deyscha Smith Race, Culture, and Politics: Disrupting Westernized Teaching Practices Cleveland L2Amber Douglas • Autumn • Chelsea Reid • Wendy Williams Research in the Mind and Body: Interdisciplinary Psychological Perspectives Reese 304Mara Breen • Lucy Bolognese • (4) Alison Branitsky • (1) Deborah Fashole-Luke • Robin Graney • Corrin Moss Science, a Universal Language: Exploring Research Opportunities Globally and Locally Cleveland L3Joshua Qualls • Sarah Andoh • Christina Elder • Ledia Gebremedhin • Shion Kubota Small Companies, Big Dreams: Advancing Business with Unstructured Success Kendade 107Rick Feldman • Risha Dewan • Iman Hussain • Maria • Ishanee Rudra • Liz Tucksmith The Many Faces of Conservation Clapp 407Alan Werner • Shevonne O'Connor • Ashley Sanchez • Julia Seiple • Fern Stidham Transforming Education through Research, Teaching, and Advocacy Kendade 303Amy Grillo • Amalia Correia • Sandi-Lynn Eshun • Haylea Hubacz • Kayla Ryan “Coding” Your Personal Brand in the Financial Industry Reese 316Yueming Yang • CiCi Chen • Xuefei Chen • Jessica Feng • Rebecca Kim

3:45pm EDT

Academia vs Technology: a Common Technology Crossroads Kendade 203Barbara Lerner • Xijie Guo • Tracy Keya • Jenny Lee • Madeleine • Aastha Niraula Dive into a Finance Career from a Liberal Arts Education Cleveland L1Margaret Robinson • Ani Gelashvili • Haojie Jiao • Sarah Qin • Vincy Yu Education Beyond the Classroom Reese 304Veronica Zebadua • Jennifer Kalbourji • Ariya Lawson • (4) Elisabeth Lee • Alissa Smith Historiography of Material Culture at Mount Holyoke College Clapp 407Christine DeLucia • James Collings • Cassie Peltier • Emily Tarantini • Lillian Williams Interdisciplinary Psychology: Animal, Vegetable, and the Human Brain Clapp 206William Davis • Allegra Corwin-Renner • Katie Gyenge • Siobhan Norman • Natalia Provolo International Affairs and Development Reese 316Jenny Watermill • Romila Hussaini • Khadija El Karfi • Minahil • Habiba Shah Power of Problem Solving: Impactful ideas Kendade 305Christopher Mitchell • (3) Sadikshya Bhattarai • Claire Han • Sally Hu • Uyen Nguyen Presenting Information through Interpersonal Connections (across the Globe) Kendade 303Eleanor Townsley • Kyley Butler • Virginia Guerra • Katrina Meserve • Thanh Mai Nguyen Protecting Rights, Advocating and Building Peace for the Other Cleveland L2Amina Steinfels • Samantha Kell • Cymone Martin • Fareeha Shamim • Isabelle Tan Software, Product and Data across Small Startups and Big Corporations Kendade 107Daniel Sheldon • Kat Aiello • Sara Harda • Shirley Xu • Yu Teaching for a Difference Clapp 218Marcella Runell Hall • Ariel Fry Demetria • Rachel Dennis • Sabrina • Kathryn Violette To Our Internships and Beyond: Our Futures in Biology and Chemistry Clapp 306Maria Gomez • Tina Le • (1) Miranda Lee • Kate Maziarz • Madelaine McAlister-Raeburn Welcoming and Empowering the Next Generation from Coast to Coast Carr 102Liz Lierman • Iliana Enriquez • Lysandra Joseph • Kimberly Mota • Jody Phelps When There is More to Tech than Software Cleveland L3Heidi Holder • Shanzeh Agrawala • Linh Dang • Tien Dao • Najwa El Khamlichi

4:45pm EDT

All Roads Are the Right One Kendade 303Katherine O'Callaghan • Lisa Burns • Sam Miller • Dani Planer • Longying Xie American Norms in a Global Context Cleveland L3Holly Hanson • Catherine • Sabrina Im • Ruth Sangree • Adele Stock Connecting the Dots: Working with Data and Identifying Trends around the World Clapp 206Sarah Adelman • Karen Alcantar • Advika Mukherjee • Sabine Rogers • Lan Truong Diversity within Veterinary Medicine Cleveland L1Jenni Casunduan-Sumi • Diana Choi • Stella Elwood • Shannon • Grace Wheeler Exhibiting the Visibility of Museums and Galleries: From England to New England Clapp 218Ajay Sinha • Emily Blomquist • Kaitlin Boheim • (1) Ellie Dolan • Olivia Melton Flexibility in Design and Culture Carr 102Michael Davis • (1) Stella Chepkwony • Casey Pan • Olive Tran • Xin Zhong Fostering a Sense of Place Through Literary Work Kendade 305Amy Rodgers • Katie Carlson • Trisha Kelly • Molly Libbey • Carlin Ring From Bench to Bedside: What They Don't Teach You in Pre-Health Classes Reese 316Jared Schwartzer • (1) Maddy Berkowitz-Cerasano • Didjana Celkupa • Mollie Kowalchik • Riley Maddox • Aniqa Rahman Research and Development: Programming across Disciplines Kendade 203Tim Chumley • Elyssa Kiva • Raeesa Mehjabeen • Allison Pan • Young Yang The Power of a Young Mind Reese 304Caroline Horne • Aizpea • Maria Flanders • Zashira The Power of Storytelling: Writing as Social Change Clapp 306Elizabeth Young • Wendy Chen • (1) Maddie Cook • Sheila McIntosh • Sarah Olsen The Ripple Effect: Impacting Policy Locally, Nationally, and Internationally Kendade 107Roshonda Degraffenreid • Nadia Babar • Sofia Raiffa • Alice Simmons • Spurthi Women in Tech - Individuality through Teamwork Cleveland L2Lisa Ballesteros • Veneta Cholakova • Hiwete Fetene • Kayla Nguyen • Xiaolei (Kaya) Ni Youth Empowerment and Engagement within the Nonprofit Sector Clapp 407Joshua Roth • Key Estime • Angela Hamati • Epyana Smith • Selena Wong
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