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At LEAP, nearly 300 Mount Holyoke students present about their internships and research experiences. You will hear from future policy makers, activists, entrepeneurs, data scientists, teachers, researchers, and market analysts. Most will tell stories of unmitigated success and transformative learning. Others will share details of unexpected challenges they faced, and how they were required to shift and adapt in response. Students worked in 42 countries in every imaginable field. They will discuss important issues of social justice, relate how they met challenges of communication and expression in new contexts, and talk about how to find and succeed in summer internships.

LEAP is designed to give students who aspire to undertake internships and summer research the opportunity to learn from their peers. It is also for the whole Mount Holyoke community where family, friends, faculty, staff and our alumnae come together to celebrate the work and contributions of the presenters.

We are hugely impressed by students in College 211 and inspired by their individual success and collective learning. Their work in bringing the LEAP Symposium to fruition was exceptional. We thank the faculty, staff, alumnae, donors, and internship and research providers whose contributions have make this event possible.

LEAP presenters: Congratulations.
avatar for Aizpea


Psychology Major
Thinking Critically with Preschool Children
avatar for Alexandra


Chemistry Major
Atmospheric Chemistry: Understanding Aerosol Particles and How They...
avatar for Autumn


Art Studio & East Asian Studies Major
Intercultural Learning in Argentina: a Developing Model of Teaching
avatar for Catherine


Anthropology Major
An Introduction to Herbal Medicine in Monteverde, Costa Rica
avatar for Claire


Theatre Major
Digital Journalism: A Tool for Social Change
avatar for Eleanor


Environmental Studies Major
Sustainable Farming at LIFE Monteverde
avatar for Emily


English Major
Equestrian Living Magazine: from Intern to Contributing Writer
avatar for Hana


Economics Major
The Walls That Surround Us: an NGO Experience in Cambodia
avatar for Jenna


History and Psychology and Education Major
Victim Witness Advocate for the DA of Suffolk County
avatar for Julia


Costume Conservation at the Smithsonian
History Major
avatar for Madeleine


Computer Science Major
US Fish & Wildlife IT Internship Provides Useful Perspective Between...
avatar for Maria


Neuroscience Major
The Roller Coaster we Call Business
avatar for Martha


Psychology Major
Expanding the Online Presence for an ASL School
avatar for Minahil


International Relations Major
Promoting Democracy: My Summer in Washington DC


International Relations
Morena Svaldi
avatar for Samantha


Psychology and Education Major
What Did You Do This Summer?: Preparing for Summer Camp
avatar for Shannon


Biology Major
From South Hadley to South Africa: Connecting Veterinary Experiences...
avatar for Spurthi


Economics Major
Real Impacts of Theoretical Statutes: Econometric Analysis of the Law


Psychology & Education
William Davis
avatar for Talia


Psychology and Education Major
Social-Emotional Learning: Research in the Classroom
avatar for Yu


Computer Science Major
A Leap from Classroom to Industry: a Summer as Mobile Feature...
avatar for Zashira


Psychology Major
The Beauty in the Challenge of Education in Nicaragua

Sarah Adelman

Associate Professor of Economics
avatar for Shanzeh Agrawala

Shanzeh Agrawala

Computer Science Major
Navigating the Network: a Summer of Growth
avatar for Tess Ahlers

Tess Ahlers

Biology Major
How Host Age Affects Susceptibility to Parasitic Infections
avatar for Kat Aiello

Kat Aiello

Computer Science Major and Nexus in Data Science
Growing the World's Largest Social Network
avatar for Nada Al-Thawr

Nada Al-Thawr

Computer Science and International Relations Major
Impact Beyond Ourselves
avatar for Karen  Alcantar

Karen Alcantar

Sociology Major
Why User Experience Matters

Rachel Alldis

Mount Holyoke College
Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life
avatar for Jamesa Allen

Jamesa Allen

Sociology Major
Cultures Converge in the Classroom
avatar for Sarah Angela N. Almaden

Sarah Angela N. Almaden

Psychology Major
Smiles from Thousands of Miles
avatar for Edith  Amoafoa-Smart

Edith Amoafoa-Smart

French and International Relations Major
A Summer at the UN: Lessons in Diplomacy & International Policy...
avatar for Rhema Ewurama Andah

Rhema Ewurama Andah

International Relations Major
The Space Where the Ghanaian Courts Meets Development
avatar for Sarah  Andoh

Sarah Andoh

Chemistry Major
Physical Chemistry on a Small Scale: Characterizing Iron Oxide...

Jason Andras

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
avatar for Nicole  De Araujo

Nicole De Araujo

Architecture Major
Design to Construction: Combining the Two Worlds of Architecture
avatar for Fatema Ali Asghar

Fatema Ali Asghar

International Relations Major
The Intersectionality of Foreign Languages and Education
avatar for Nadia  Babar

Nadia Babar

Philosophy and Politics Major
Young, Scrappy, and Hungry: Fast-Track to Becoming a Lawyer

Lisa Ballesteros

Associate Professor of Computer Science
avatar for Claire Beckett

Claire Beckett

French and Politics Major
Challenges of an Ethical Life: Research in Global Labor Practices and...
avatar for Kelly  Bentdahl

Kelly Bentdahl

Philosophy Major
“I’m an Educator Not a Litigator:” Balancing Enforcement and...

(1) Maddy Berkowitz-Cerasano

Neuroscience & Behavior
Jared Schwartzer

(3) Sadikshya Bhattarai

International Relations
Andy Reiter

Robin Blaetz

Mount Holyoke College
Chair of Film Studies; Professor of Film Studies
avatar for Emily  Blomquist

Emily Blomquist

Russian and Eurasian Studies Major
Nesting into Russian History: the Connection between History and Art...
avatar for Kaitlin  Boheim

Kaitlin Boheim

Psychology Major
Your Mind on Art: Applying Psychology in a Museum Context
avatar for Lucy  Bolognese

Lucy Bolognese

Psychology Major
The Seuss Perspective: Can Horses Synch to a Beat? I Don't Know, It's...

(2) Abena Bosompem

Sociology & Anthropology
Patricia Banks

(4) Alison Branitsky

Psychology & Education
Gail Hornstein
avatar for Kaitlin Braz

Kaitlin Braz

Psychology and Education Major
Autism and Social Experiences: Embracing Challenges and Celebrating...
avatar for Mara Breen

Mara Breen

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education
avatar for Alexandra  Brennan

Alexandra Brennan

Ancient Studies and Religion Major
The Future of the Past

Patricia Brennan

Mount Holyoke College
Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Todd Brewster

Visiting Senior Lecturer in English
avatar for Lisa Burns

Lisa Burns

History Major
School Photos: Another Tool for Genealogy Research
avatar for Kyley  Butler

Kyley Butler

History Major
Creating Narratives: Learning to Communicate History Effectively
avatar for Sarah Byrne

Sarah Byrne

Psychology Major
avatar for Lorena Cacho

Lorena Cacho

International Relations Major
Shaping Your Future: Life within an International Organization
avatar for Katie Carlson

Katie Carlson

English Major
Seven Months to Launch: One Senior’s Career and Community Epiphany
avatar for Abigail Carroll

Abigail Carroll

Astronomy and Theatre Major
All the World's a Stage
avatar for Didjana Celkupa

Didjana Celkupa

Neuroscience Major
Clinical Research in Cardiology: It's More than Just a Wet Lab
avatar for CiCi  Chen

CiCi Chen

Computer Science Major
Belielf in Yourself Is Always the Key: How Do You Find Yourself...

Wei Chen

Marilyn Dawson Sarles, M.D. Professor of Life Sciences and Professor...
avatar for Wendy  Chen

Wendy Chen

Five College Film and Sociology Major
Stories of Youth Leadership: Writing for Global Development and...
avatar for Xuefei  Chen

Xuefei Chen

Computer Science and Psychology Major
I Am Not Just Another Intern: Differentiating Myself at Morgan Stanley

(1) Stella Chepkwony

Art History and Architectural Studies
Michael Davis
avatar for Diana  Choi

Diana Choi

Biology Major
A Call for Animal Lovers: Internship at House Call Veterinary Services
avatar for Veneta Cholakova

Veneta Cholakova

Computer Science and Mathematics Major
A Woman in Game Development
avatar for Tim Chumley

Tim Chumley

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
avatar for Caroline Clowers

Caroline Clowers

English Major and Nexus in Journalism and Media
The Non-Profit Network: How Organizations Adapt to Meet Community...
avatar for James  Collings

James Collings

History Major and Nexus in Public History, Museums, Archives
Why Coins Give Me Nightmares
avatar for Emily M. Conley

Emily M. Conley

Environmental Studies Major
Diversifying Community Programs in a Brooklyn Church with a Radical...

(1) Maddie Cook

Elizabeth Markovits

(3) Shannon Cook

Biological Studies
Renae Brodie
avatar for Amalia Correia

Amalia Correia

Striving for a More Equitable, Quality Early Education and Care...
avatar for Melissa Curran

Melissa Curran

Environmental Advocacy in the National Parks
Environmental Studies Major
avatar for Hoai Thu  Dang

Hoai Thu Dang

Economics Major
A Summer as Development Intern at Frances Perkins Center
avatar for Linh  Dang

Linh Dang

Computer Science & Math Major
Are You Ready to Work for a Tech Giant Like Facebook?

Michael Davis

Mount Holyoke College
Professor of Art History

William Davis

Visiting Lecturer in Psychology and Education

Christine DeLucia

Assistant Professor of History
avatar for Ariel Fry Demetria

Ariel Fry Demetria

Data Entries from the African Diaspora
avatar for Anne Demosthene

Anne Demosthene

Computer Science Major
The Wellness Design: Building a Holistic Foundation
avatar for Rachel Dennis

Rachel Dennis

Connecting Argentina to the World: Lessons on Navigating the...
avatar for Madeline  Derentz

Madeline Derentz

Psychology Major
Sharing is Caring: Do Children Follow the Golden Rule?
avatar for Risha  Dewan

Risha Dewan

Economics and Politics Major
Watching People Watch You: Working in the Digital Marketing Industry

(1) Ellie Dolan

Film Studies
Robin Blaetz

(2) Emma Dolan

Sociology & Anthropology
Lynn Morgan
avatar for Amber Douglas

Amber Douglas

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education; Dean of Studies;...
avatar for Allegra  Dufresne

Allegra Dufresne

Critical Social Thought Major
Whose Job is it Anyway?: Making the Best Out of Unexpected Situations
avatar for Christina Elder

Christina Elder

Neuroscience Major
Addictive Behaviors: Where Do They Stem from?

Allison Elliott

Gender Studies and Politics Major
Archival Processes
avatar for Stella Elwood

Stella Elwood

Biology Major
Dog Wrangler Extraordinaire: My Summer as a Veterinary Intern
avatar for Iliana Enriquez

Iliana Enriquez

Psychology and Education Major
Empowering and Mentoring the Youth Today to Lead Tomorrow
avatar for Sandi-Lynn Eshun

Sandi-Lynn Eshun

Africana Studies and Psychology Major
More Than a Counselor: a Mentor and Teacher to the Underprivileged...
avatar for Claudia  Espinosa

Claudia Espinosa

Romance Languages Major
The Venetian Job: Can Productivity and Serenity Coexist?
avatar for Key  Estime

Key Estime

The RYSE Program
avatar for Kate Farmer

Kate Farmer

Chemistry Major
The Sun Rises Still: Using Policy Advocacy to Create Brighter Futures...

Timothy Farnham

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

(1) Deborah Fashole-Luke

Psychology & Education
Corey Flanders
avatar for Rick Feldman

Rick Feldman

Mount Holyoke College
Lecturer in Economics; Entrepreneurship, Organizations and Society;...
avatar for Jessica  Feng

Jessica Feng

Computer Science & Math Major
Conquering the Unknown: I Am Ready for More!
avatar for Hiwete Fetene

Hiwete Fetene

Computer Science Major
Mapping Your Way around the Code, and the Company
avatar for Ariana Sarmiento Fielding

Ariana Sarmiento Fielding

Art Studio Major
Tale of Twin Cities

Corey Flanders

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education
avatar for Maria Flanders

Maria Flanders

Psychology Major
Child Scientists Wanted: Lessons from Infant Cognition Research
avatar for Kim  Foreiter

Kim Foreiter

Psychology and Education Major
Discovering My Inner Resiliant Italiana
avatar for Violet Fortier

Violet Fortier

English Major
Leading the Way on the Path to Citizenship
avatar for Qianzhen  Fu

Qianzhen Fu

Art History Major
Navigating between External and Internal Communications

(2) Kirina Gair-Macmichael

Psychology & Education
Corey Flanders
avatar for Ledia  Gebremedhin

Ledia Gebremedhin

Biology Major
It’s a Rat Race!: Tracking and Studying Mating Patterns of Male and...
avatar for Ani Gelashvili

Ani Gelashvili

Math Major
A Problem Worth Solving: Summer on Wall Street

(4) Camille Gladieux

Sociology & Anthropology
Timothy Malacarne
avatar for Amanda  Gomez

Amanda Gomez

Five College Film Studies and Spanish Major
Navigating the Freak Show

Maria Gomez

Elizabeth Page Greenawalt Professor of Chemistry
avatar for Elizabeth  Gottshall

Elizabeth Gottshall

Art Studio & Computer Science Major
Building an Entertainment Empire in New York City
avatar for Emily Graham

Emily Graham

Chemistry Major
Hydrogen-Bonded Polyaramid Brush Growth on Silica Surfaces
avatar for Robin  Graney

Robin Graney

Neuroscience Major
Nightmares and Daydreams: A Thematic Investigation of Sleep Paralysis

Roberta Green

Five College Film Studies and Politics Major
avatar for Daiana Griffith

Daiana Griffith

Politics Major
Nonprofit Organizing: Advocating for Prisoners' Rights
avatar for Amy Grillo

Amy Grillo

Mount holyoke College
Visiting Lecturer in Psychology and Education
avatar for Niamh Gronningsater

Niamh Gronningsater

Politics Major
From the Classroom to U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's New York City...
avatar for Virginia Guerra

Virginia Guerra

International Relations Major
Lost in Translation: Navigating through Cultural Norms
avatar for Xijie  Guo

Xijie Guo

Computer Science Major
Through Conducting a Research Internship in Germany: Challenges and...
avatar for Miralva  Gusmao

Miralva Gusmao

Psychology Major
Carrying Across
avatar for Katie Gyenge

Katie Gyenge

Psychology Major
Mixing Mount Holyoke Moxy with Princeton Psych: My Summer Experience...
avatar for Kate Hall

Kate Hall

Experiencing Positive Culture Shock while Working Abroad
Psychology Major
avatar for Angela  Hamati

Angela Hamati

Economics and Nexus in Non-Profits Major
Cultivating Curiosity for Education.
avatar for Claire  Han

Claire Han

Economics and Math Major
Global Tobacco Market: Applying Models from Neoclassical Economics...
avatar for Holly Hanson

Holly Hanson

Co-Chair of the Development Studies Nexus; Professor of History
avatar for Sara Harda

Sara Harda

Computer Science & Anthropology Major
Where Does Synergy Lie in the Product Development Process?

(2) Chloe Harkins

Film Studies
Robin Blaetz
avatar for Sana  Hasan

Sana Hasan

Psychology Major
Journalism In Pakistan: Cultural Reporting from Karachi

Sohail Hashmi

Professor of International Relations on the Alumnae Foundation and...

KC Haydon

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education

Jenna Hill

Gender Studies Major
Callaloo for the Community: Food Justice, Civic Engagement, and Youth...
avatar for Trang Thu Hoang

Trang Thu Hoang

Psychology Major, English Minor
Human Library Vietnam: Eradicating Social Prejudices through Open...

Heidi Holder

Visiting Lecturer in Theatre Arts
avatar for Sally  Hu

Sally Hu

International Relations & Italian Major
The Art of Communication: Storytelling That Resonates Across Cultures
avatar for Xinyi  Hu

Xinyi Hu

History & Psychology Major
Bringing the Past to the Present: Archaeological Fieldwork in Idalion
avatar for Carmen Huang

Carmen Huang

Anthropology and East Asian Studies Major
Cultural Gems in a Magnetic Field
avatar for Haylea Hubacz

Haylea Hubacz

Statistics Major
Asking All the Right Questions: A Look at Institutional Research in...
avatar for Iman  Hussain

Iman Hussain

Spanish and Politics Major
Speaking Up for Yourself: The Importance of Having a Voice as an...
avatar for Romila  Hussaini

Romila Hussaini

Middle Eastern Studies Major
Securing Peace: Advocacy, Education, and Community Building
avatar for Sabrina Im

Sabrina Im

International Relations Major
English as Cultural Capital
avatar for Sarjana  Jaiswal

Sarjana Jaiswal

Economics and Nexus in Global Business Major
Trial and Error: Finding Your Calling Through Fearless Exploration

Sharon Juerong Jiang

Economics Major and Nexus in Journalism and Media
Adapting Messages and Targeting Consumers: nHow Does Public Relations...
avatar for Haojie  Jiao

Haojie Jiao

Economics and Math Major
Never Stop Learning in Financial Sectors
avatar for Audrey St. John

Audrey St. John

Associate Professor of Computer Science
avatar for Alyssa  Jones

Alyssa Jones

English Major
At Home in a Foreign Country
avatar for Briyana Joseph

Briyana Joseph

Psychology and Sociology Major
By the Community, for the Community

Lysandra Joseph

International Relations Major
Social Service to Social Action: A Multifaceted Approach to...
avatar for Jennifer Kalbourji

Jennifer Kalbourji

Psychology and Education Major
A Collaborative Approach to School Administration: Incorporating...
avatar for Sara  Kamal

Sara Kamal

Economics and Statistics Major
The Human Rights Network in a Digital Age
avatar for Khadija El Karfi

Khadija El Karfi

My Summer in Washington D.C
International Relations and French Major
avatar for Radhika  Kashyap

Radhika Kashyap

History & Geography Major
Garden In The Sky
avatar for Adrianna  Ke

Adrianna Ke

Economics Major
The Subtle Art of Communication

Girma Kebbede

Professor of Geography
avatar for Samantha  Kell

Samantha Kell

Politics Major
Relearning the Past
avatar for Javeria Kella

Javeria Kella

International Relations & Geography Major
Beyond Textbook Theories: Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Liberia
avatar for Trisha Kelly

Trisha Kelly

Five College Film Studies Major
Agent, Editor, Author: Planning for a Future in Publishing
avatar for Jasmine  Keuter

Jasmine Keuter

Five College Film Studies and Romance Languages Major
Visual Media and Translation in France's Fashion and Art Scene
avatar for Tracy Keya

Tracy Keya

Computer Science Major
The intersectionality of Roles: Product Manager and Software Engineer
avatar for Najwa El Khamlichi

Najwa El Khamlichi

Computer Science Major
Modernizing a $3.2 Trillion Dinosaur
avatar for Eisha Khan

Eisha Khan

Math Major
Venturing into the World of Social Entrepreneurship
avatar for Shruti Khullar

Shruti Khullar

Economics Major
Importance of a Liberal Arts Education in Big Business
avatar for Rebecca  Kim

Rebecca Kim

Computer Science Major
Owning the Experience: Making the best out of your internship

Jeremy King

Professor of History
avatar for Elyssa Kiva

Elyssa Kiva

Statistics Major
The Data Behind Biosurveillance
avatar for Leila  Kouakou

Leila Kouakou

Environmental Studies Major
Go With the Flow: Education and Research on the Connecticut River...
avatar for Mollie Kowalchik

Mollie Kowalchik

Special Major
A Beacon of my Future: Life as a Physical Therapist
avatar for Shion Kubota

Shion Kubota

Computer Science & Physics Major
Click of Physics
avatar for Shay  Lahon

Shay Lahon

Biology Major
Youth FX Behind the Scenes: The True, Hidden Powers Behind...

Riva Lam

Find All The Ones That Make the Machine Go!
avatar for Schuyler Lamb

Schuyler Lamb

Art History Major
Advocacy for Low-Income LGBTQ and HIV+ New Yorkers
avatar for Juliana  LaMendola

Juliana LaMendola

Anthropology Major
Advocacy: Refugee Resettlement
avatar for Kannah Landford

Kannah Landford

Economics Major and Nexus in Global Business
When Life Gives You Lemons Make It Count
avatar for Kirk Lange

Kirk Lange

Mount Holyoke College
Associate Director, McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and...
avatar for Ariya Lawson

Ariya Lawson

Psychology and Education Major
New Perspectives on a Flawed System
avatar for Tina  Le

Tina Le

Biology Major
The Industrial Side: My Summer Internship Experience at Ball...

(1) Miranda Lee

Biological Studies
Jason Andras

(4) Elisabeth Lee

Desmond Fitz-Gibbon
avatar for Jenny  Lee

Jenny Lee

Computer Science & Math Major
Virtual Reality is Real

Barbara Lerner

Associate Professor of Computer Science

(3) Muyuan Li

German Studies
Karen Remmler
avatar for Molly Libbey

Molly Libbey

History Major
Increasing Accessibility and Incentivizing Engagement:...
avatar for Liz Lierman

Liz Lierman

Mount Holyoke College
Executive Director, Career Development Center
avatar for Sabah Majid Lotia

Sabah Majid Lotia

Economics Major
Health and Economics: a New Approach to Health Policy
avatar for Emma  Lynch

Emma Lynch

Biology Major
Coral Damage Due to Human-Driven Factors on the Island of Koh Lipe,...
avatar for Sally  Ma

Sally Ma

International Relations & East Asian Studies Major
Navigating Challenges: Unfamiliar Workplace and Sensitivity of...
avatar for Marianna  Maddock

Marianna Maddock

Economics Major and Nexus in Global Business
When in Rome...
avatar for Riley  Maddox

Riley Maddox

Psychology Major
Blazing New Trails: A Novel Approach to Eldercare

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