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At LEAP, nearly 300 Mount Holyoke students present about their internships and research experiences. You will hear from future policy makers, activists, entrepeneurs, data scientists, teachers, researchers, and market analysts. Most will tell stories of unmitigated success and transformative learning. Others will share details of unexpected challenges they faced, and how they were required to shift and adapt in response. Students worked in 42 countries in every imaginable field. They will discuss important issues of social justice, relate how they met challenges of communication and expression in new contexts, and talk about how to find and succeed in summer internships.

LEAP is designed to give students who aspire to undertake internships and summer research the opportunity to learn from their peers. It is also for the whole Mount Holyoke community where family, friends, faculty, staff and our alumnae come together to celebrate the work and contributions of the presenters.

We are hugely impressed by students in College 211 and inspired by their individual success and collective learning. Their work in bringing the LEAP Symposium to fruition was exceptional. We thank the faculty, staff, alumnae, donors, and internship and research providers whose contributions have make this event possible.

LEAP presenters: Congratulations.
avatar for Maryanne Magnier

Maryanne Magnier

International Relations Major

Timothy Malacarne

Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science
avatar for Cymone Martin

Cymone Martin

Sociology Major and Nexus Law, Public Policy and Human Rights
avatar for Alessandra  Massa

Alessandra Massa

Politics & Russian Studies Major
How a Liberal Arts Education Prepared Me for Finance
avatar for Dr. Jen Matos

Dr. Jen Matos

Mt. Holyoke College
Visiting Lecturer in Psychology and Education
avatar for Kate  Maziarz

Kate Maziarz

Chemistry Major
A Taste of the Chemistry World
avatar for Madelaine  McAlister-Raeburn

Madelaine McAlister-Raeburn

Biology and Music Major
Fear and Loathing and Antibiotic Resistance
avatar for Sarah McCool

Sarah McCool

International Relations Major
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Revolution
avatar for Sheila  McIntosh

Sheila McIntosh

English Major
Amplifying Young Voices: Working in Nonprofit Publications
avatar for Raeesa  Mehjabeen

Raeesa Mehjabeen

Computer Science Major
Software Engineering in the Finance Industry
avatar for Olivia Melton

Olivia Melton

Art History Major
Small Museum Big Artist: My Summer in the Archives
avatar for Katrina  Meserve

Katrina Meserve

Environmental Studies Major
Creative Strategies for Children from Coast to Coast
avatar for Sam Miller

Sam Miller

History Major
One Is Enough

Christopher Mitchell

Mount Holyoke College
Assistant Professor of International Relations and Politics
avatar for Corrin Moss

Corrin Moss

Psychology and Spanish Major
Hands-on Psychology: Working and Learning in a Science Museum
avatar for Kimberly Mota

Kimberly Mota

Architecture Major
From Classroom to Law Office
avatar for Advika Mukherjee

Advika Mukherjee

Economics and International Relations Major
Marketing at a Multinational Corporation

Topaz Mukulu

Economics Major
Refugee Protection: Behind the Scenes of a Non-Profit
avatar for Rebecca Mullen

Rebecca Mullen

Critical Social Thought Major
What They Don't Teach in Journalism Class
avatar for Erin Murdock

Erin Murdock

Environmental Studies and Gender Studies Major
Women's Empowerment in Japan
avatar for Cailin  Van Nevel

Cailin Van Nevel

Environmental Studies Major
Change is Simple: Supporting the Environmental Movement through...

(3) Elise Newcomer

Daniel Czitrom
avatar for Kayla  Nguyen

Kayla Nguyen

Computer Science Major
Optimizing Virtual Machines - from Data to Action
avatar for Thanh Mai  Nguyen

Thanh Mai Nguyen

Economics Major
The World of PR/Marketing: That Agency Life
avatar for Uyen Nguyen

Uyen Nguyen

Math Major
Marketing and PR in Japan: Challenges and Impacts
avatar for Aastha  Niraula

Aastha Niraula

Computer Science Major
Summer at Amazon
avatar for Bernadette  Norman

Bernadette Norman

Romance Languages Major
Teaching English Abroad: the Discrepancy of English Education for...
avatar for Siobhan Norman

Siobhan Norman

Psychology Major
HoofBeat: Music Cognition and Beat Synchronization in Horses

Katherine O'Callaghan

Visiting Lecturer in English
avatar for Shevonne O'Connor

Shevonne O'Connor

Biology Major
Tropical Coral and Coralline Algae Conservation
avatar for Eileen  O'Grady

Eileen O'Grady

Politics & French Major
Challenging Times: the Small Town Weekly in a 24/7 News World
avatar for Isabella  Olgaard

Isabella Olgaard

Art Studio & Five College Film Studies Major
A Summer of 25 Concerts and a Great Deal of Experience Gained
avatar for Sarah  Olsen

Sarah Olsen

English and Religion Major
The Power of Storytelling: Journalism
avatar for Kate Ouimette

Kate Ouimette

History Major
Eat Your Vegetables: Cultivating a Connection to History

Allison Pan

Math Major
Undergraduate Research in Math: What Should You Expect
avatar for Casey  Pan

Casey Pan

Architecture Major
To Be an International Designer in This Cultural Swirl
avatar for Kaatyaayani  Pandey

Kaatyaayani Pandey

Middle Eastern Studies Major
My 'Filmy' Summer
avatar for Robin  Pegau

Robin Pegau

Sociology and Computer Science Major
The Elders Were Wild: Research and Organization at a Small Town's...
avatar for Nicole Aline Pelletier

Nicole Aline Pelletier

Art History and East Asian Studies Major
English Education in a Changing World
avatar for Cassie  Peltier

Cassie Peltier

History Major and Nexus in Public History, Museums, and Archives
From Data Entry to Display Cases: an Introduction to the World of...
avatar for Melissa Perez

Melissa Perez

International Relations Major
Readjustment in Public Service Goals
avatar for Michelle Araque Pérez

Michelle Araque Pérez

Critical Social Thought Major
Audre Lorde Project
avatar for Jody  Phelps

Jody Phelps

Geography and Spanish Major
Santa Fe Dreamers Project: DACA, Detention and Navigating US...
avatar for Dani Planer

Dani Planer

Critical Social Thought Major
Learning to Listen: an Exploration of the Independent Publishing World

(1) Rachel Polfer

Amy Camp
avatar for Natalia Provolo

Natalia Provolo

Psychology Major
The Food You Choose: Understanding Our Eating Decisions

Izzy Putnal

English Major
Hands in the Dirt: Connecting People and Food on Book & Plow Farm

Sarah Qin

Economics Major
What Is Harvard Business School?

Joshua Qualls

Visiting Lecturer in Physics
avatar for Aniqa  Rahman

Aniqa Rahman

Biology and Religion Major
The Examined Life: Modeling Continuities in Care from Pediatric to...
avatar for Kaussar Rahman

Kaussar Rahman

Biology Major and Nexus in Educational Policy
The Privatization of Education in Ghana: the Case of Omega School...
avatar for Sofia  Raiffa

Sofia Raiffa

Politics & Sociology Major
Testing the Waters of Human Rights and Non-Profit Work
avatar for Margaret  Randall-Neppl

Margaret Randall-Neppl

Anthropology and Latin Major
How Do We Know? Producing Historical Knowledge through Archeology
avatar for Chelsea  Reid

Chelsea Reid

Africana Studies Major
1700's - Present: Black Lives Matter Practicum
avatar for Alondra Reyes

Alondra Reyes

Gender Studies and Politics Major
Decriminalizing Poverty: Advancing a Holistic Model of Public Defense...
avatar for Carlin Ring

Carlin Ring

English and Religion Major
Farm Wisdom: How Going Back Helped Move a Novel Forward

Sofia Elisa Rivera

International Relations Major
Superhuman Service and the People Behind Them
avatar for Haley  Rivers

Haley Rivers

Environmental Studies Major
That Which Lurks Beneath: Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
avatar for Margaret Robinson

Margaret Robinson

Julia and Sarah Ann Adams Professor of Mathematics

Amy Rodgers

Mount Holyoke College
Assistant Professor of English
avatar for Sabine  Rogers

Sabine Rogers

Environmental Studies and French Major
Step-by-Step Sustainability: Combining Data-Driven Work and a Passion...
avatar for Vanessa Rosa

Vanessa Rosa

Mount Holyoke College
Assistant Professor of Latina/o Studies
avatar for Liz Rose

Liz Rose

Art History and Psychology Major
How Two Summers Changed My Career Path

Joshua Roth

Mount Holyoke College
Prof. of Anthropology and Asian Studies
avatar for Ishanee Rudra

Ishanee Rudra

Economics and Math Major
“It’s Like Uber, but for Pickles”: Navigating the Competitive...
avatar for Kayla Ryan

Kayla Ryan

Psychology and Education Major
Molding Young Minds: Learning Through Teaching

(5) Anna Rzchowski

Environmental Studies
Timothy Farnham
avatar for Isoke Samuel

Isoke Samuel

English Major and Nexus in Journalism and Media
Avocados, Crystals, Leggings and the Journey to Finding My Voice In A...
avatar for Ashley Sanchez

Ashley Sanchez

Neuroscience Major
Out with the New, in with the Old
avatar for Ruth  Sangree

Ruth Sangree

History Major
The Role of NGOS in Post-War Reconciliation 40 Years Out

Steven Schmeiser

Associate Professor of Economics

Jared Schwartzer

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education

Marge Seguin

Environmental Studies and Philosophy Major
Researching Restoration and Researching Research: What My Summer...
avatar for Shannon Seigal

Shannon Seigal

Environmental Studies and Spanish Major
Cultivating Plants and Minds

Julia Seiple

Environmental Studies Major
Life on the Elwha
avatar for Crystal  Seo

Crystal Seo

Computer Science Major
avatar for Habiba Shah

Habiba Shah

Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations
Junior Advior
avatar for Fareeha  Shamim

Fareeha Shamim

Economics and International Relations Major
Bridging the Political and Religious Spheres in Support of...
avatar for Upasana  Sharma

Upasana Sharma

International Relations Major
Policy Making at International Institutions: Fulbright Commission

Daniel Sheldon

Five College Assistant Professor of Computer Science
avatar for Lynn Shen

Lynn Shen

Environmental Studies Major
From Dirt to Grid: Gardening on a College Campus
avatar for Anna Shortridge

Anna Shortridge

Politics Major
International Politics on Capitol Hill: from the Senate to the House
avatar for Anima  Shrestha

Anima Shrestha

Politics Major
Preserving the Legacy of Frances Perkins and Promoting Social...
avatar for Alice Simmons

Alice Simmons

Environmental Studies Major
Mapping a Career in Local Government
avatar for Esther  Simon

Esther Simon

Five College Film Studies and Art History Major
Talent Management: The Hollywood Perspective on Media...
avatar for Ajay Sinha

Ajay Sinha

Mount Holyoke College
Professor of Art History
avatar for Madeline  Skrak

Madeline Skrak

Spanish Major
Finding my Niche at The Chronicle
avatar for Alissa Smith

Alissa Smith

Educational Policy Studies Special Major
The Intersection of Education and Culture: Teaching and Educational...
avatar for Deyscha Smith

Deyscha Smith

Sociology Major
Off the Court: Social Change and Community Outreach with the Boston...
avatar for Epyana  Smith

Epyana Smith

Psychology and Africana Studies Major
avatar for Olivia Solomon

Olivia Solomon

Anthropology Major
Staying Confident When Facing Confusion

Amina Steinfels

Associate Professor of Religion
avatar for Fern Stidham

Fern Stidham

Environmental Studies Major
Shoring up Seabirds in Buzzards Bay
avatar for Adele  Stock

Adele Stock

History Major
From Cotton to Gold: Labor in a Global Context
avatar for Haley Subocz

Haley Subocz

Psychology Major
But What about the

Geoffrey Sumi

Professor of Classics
avatar for Isabelle Tan

Isabelle Tan

History Major, Computer Science Minor
Behind the Scenes: Enforcing Civil Rights
avatar for Emily Tarantini

Emily Tarantini

Anthropology Major
When Time Takes Up Space: Collections Management in a Museum
avatar for Maria-Luiza  Taskova

Maria-Luiza Taskova

Computer Science & Math Major
Math - the Language of Patterns

(1) Lila Teenyanoff

Critical Social Thought
Donald Cotter
avatar for Illianna Termuehlen

Illianna Termuehlen

Environmental Studies Major
The Simple Life: Conservation on a Seabird Island
avatar for Shikha  Thakali

Shikha Thakali

Architecture & Economics Major
Sustainable Design
avatar for Lindsay Theobald

Lindsay Theobald

English Major
A Global View of Lesbian Material
avatar for Yuan  Tian

Yuan Tian

Chemistry & Philosophy Major
Effect of Oxygen Vacancy on Proton Binding Site Energies of 12.5%...
avatar for Olive  Tran

Olive Tran

Computer Science Major
Designing Internationally: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned
avatar for Lan Truong

Lan Truong

Economics and Italian Major
avatar for Natalie Truong

Natalie Truong

Computer Science Major
Programming Should be Fun
avatar for Liz Tucksmith

Liz Tucksmith

Computer Science Major
Chaos within Boundary: Finding Your Calling, Finding Yourself

Noah Tuleja

Assistant Professor in Theatre Arts; Director of the Rooke Theatre
avatar for Mairead Rose Tuttle

Mairead Rose Tuttle

Economics and French Major
Promoting Peace and Justice
avatar for Anran Wang

Anran Wang

Economics and Environmental Studies Major
Political Ecology in Action: Takeaways from Working at WWF China
avatar for Echo  Wang

Echo Wang

International Relations & French Major
Europe as a Cross-Border Democracy
avatar for Jenny Watermill

Jenny Watermill

Mount Holyoke College
Sr. Associate Director, Career Development Center

Celestelle Webster

Five College Film Studies Major
Inclusion or Representation?
avatar for Alan Werner

Alan Werner

Professor of Geology
avatar for Youtee Wheagar

Youtee Wheagar

Africana Studies Major
avatar for Grace Wheeler

Grace Wheeler

Biology Major
Specialized Care for Working Canines
avatar for Lillian  Williams

Lillian Williams

Theatre Major
From Ball Gowns to Basketball: A Study of Antique Athletic Wear
avatar for Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

Music Major
Mind Shift: Leaving Western Teaching Practices and Flowing in...
avatar for Brandy Williamson

Brandy Williamson

Psychology and Education Major
Harlem Children's Zone/The Power of Non-Profit Organizations

Ruth Wondimu

Architecture & Geography Major
Learn, then Experience Architecture
avatar for Selena  Wong

Selena Wong

Economics Major
Encouraging Innovation in Youth
avatar for Longying  Xie

Longying Xie

Art History and Economics Major
Exploring the Art World
avatar for Mengyao  Xu

Mengyao Xu

Economics and Math Major
Clash of Cultures in Workplace
avatar for Shirley Xu

Shirley Xu

Statistics Major and Nexus in Data Science
Duplicate or Not? It’s Your Call.
avatar for Donari Yahzid

Donari Yahzid

Anthropology and Politics Major
Reconceptualizing Education in Ghana: How Acquiring Knowledge Builds...

(2) Victoria Yan

Kyle Broaders
avatar for Young  Yang

Young Yang

Economics and Statistics Major
Summer 2017: Data, Research and Programming

Yueming Yang

Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science

Frieda Yeung

David Sanford

(2) Sara-Ann Yong

Art History and Architectural Studies
Naomi Darling

Elizabeth Young

Carl M. and Elsie A. Small Professor of English
avatar for Vincy  Yu

Vincy Yu

French & Statistics Major
Beyond Numbers: Working for a Hedge Fund
avatar for Zhuoran Yu

Zhuoran Yu

Environmental Studies Major
A Peaceful Mind in the Botanic Garden
avatar for Xinyi  Zhao

Xinyi Zhao

German Studies & Philosophy Major
Exploring Marketing in a Law Firm
avatar for Anna Zheng

Anna Zheng

English Major
Connecting the Classroom and Campus Experience to Consulting
avatar for Xin  Zhong

Xin Zhong

Architecture and Math Major
Compromise and Resist

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