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At LEAP, nearly 300 Mount Holyoke students present about their internships and research experiences. You will hear from future policy makers, activists, entrepeneurs, data scientists, teachers, researchers, and market analysts. Most will tell stories of unmitigated success and transformative learning. Others will share details of unexpected challenges they faced, and how they were required to shift and adapt in response. Students worked in 42 countries in every imaginable field. They will discuss important issues of social justice, relate how they met challenges of communication and expression in new contexts, and talk about how to find and succeed in summer internships.

LEAP is designed to give students who aspire to undertake internships and summer research the opportunity to learn from their peers. It is also for the whole Mount Holyoke community where family, friends, faculty, staff and our alumnae come together to celebrate the work and contributions of the presenters.

We are hugely impressed by students in College 211 and inspired by their individual success and collective learning. Their work in bringing the LEAP Symposium to fruition was exceptional. We thank the faculty, staff, alumnae, donors, and internship and research providers whose contributions have make this event possible.

LEAP presenters: Congratulations.

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Session II [clear filter]
Friday, October 20

1:30pm EDT

4 Continents, 33 Countries, 5 Non-Profit Organizations, 1 Lynk
Navigating nonprofits from different organizational perspectives, our summer experiences involved engagement with both local and global missions. While one panel member aided families in the transition from unsafe living conditions to sustainable housing in North Carolina, another panelist in New York provided legal services to LGBTQ and HIV-positive individuals. From Washington DC, our third panelist used digital media to raise awareness about human rights violations in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Our fourth panel member helped create policies that advocate for quality education inclusive to all students in Ghana. Our final panelist in Boston contributed to research to further resettlement efforts for refugees overseas. The non-profit organizations where we worked spanned the globe; the projects we pursued were as diverse as the communities with which we engaged.

avatar for Caroline Clowers

Caroline Clowers

The Non-Profit Network: How Organizations Adapt to Meet Community Needs, English Major and Nexus in Journalism and Media
This summer I had the opportunity to complete an internship in non-profit management through an organization called GreeNest. Their mission is to aid individuals and families in their transition from unsafe living conditions into sustainable housing. This was my third internship involving... Read More →
avatar for Sara  Kamal

Sara Kamal

The Human Rights Network in a Digital Age, Economics and Statistics Major
Keeping in mind my desire to work with social and education policy post-graduation, I spent my summer interning with a non-profit in D.C. called "Good of All" (GOA). Good of All works to create awareness for human rights violations around the world, using digital media to reach its... Read More →
avatar for Schuyler Lamb

Schuyler Lamb

Advocacy for Low-Income LGBTQ and HIV+ New Yorkers, Art History Major
The LGBTQ and HIV unit at Brooklyn Legal Services provides free legal services to LGBTQ and HIV+ residents of Brooklyn on problems related to housing, public benefits, immigration, and employment law. Paralegal interns meet with clients, attend community meetings, accompany attorneys... Read More →

Topaz Mukulu

Refugee Protection: Behind the Scenes of a Non-Profit, Economics Major
How do human rights organizations respond to a policy that halts and reverses their efforts? This summer, I interned at RefugePoint, an NGO that identifies and protects the world’s most at-risk refugees. Working from the headquarters in Cambridge, MA, I conducted refugee-related... Read More →
avatar for Kaussar Rahman

Kaussar Rahman

The Privatization of Education in Ghana: the Case of Omega School Franchise, Biology Major and Nexus in Educational Policy
During my internship, I worked with the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC), a network of civil society organizations that invest in promoting quality basic education for all students. During my time at GNECC, I learned how the privatization of education influences... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Clapp 218

1:30pm EDT

Bridging the Gap from Journalism to the Arts
In this panel we will explore the various stages of media production ranging from representational media to the logistics of performance. We participated in internships which focused on the production of media from its inception to its final product. As panelists we will share our individual experiences including, but not limited to, evaluating depictions of emerging technologies in media, utilizing media journalism as a tool for social change, casting and covering media from the perspective of Hollywood talent management, and focusing on theatre as both an art form and a business.


Noah Tuleja

Assistant Professor in Theatre Arts; Director of the Rooke Theatre

avatar for Abigail Carroll

Abigail Carroll

All the World's a Stage, Astronomy and Theatre Major
As an early career actor, getting your foot in the door of a professional theatre and jump-starting your career can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Do you take the time to focus primarily on training? Do you dive right into the audition process? Do you cross your fingers and... Read More →
avatar for Claire


Digital Journalism: A Tool for Social Change, Theatre Major
Digital journalism can be an effective tool to promote social change. Not only is it an easily accessible medium with which to represent personal stories accurately, it is an effective tool to share information with other communities and policymakers. This summer Claire worked with... Read More →
avatar for Esther  Simon

Esther Simon

Talent Management: The Hollywood Perspective on Media Production/Coverage, Five College Film Studies and Art History Major
As an intern at a talent management company, Esther was able to get an inside look at how film and television is cast, pitched, and produced. She worked for Silver Lining Entertainment, a relatively new company formed by several seasoned managers and a few new faces in the business... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Clapp 306

1:30pm EDT

Chasing an Epidemic: Understanding Health Crises from Lab Work to Outreach
Using our experiences from lab settings and qualitative research to public outreach, education, and policy advocacy, we construct our summer experiences as a stream of public health knowledge. Our panel will showcase public health topics such as parasites and HIV while attending to racial disparities and traumatic considerations in our society. The stream begins in a lab research setting, asking: who is most susceptible to parasites? Then we consider: how can we reduce the spread of HIV in rural Maine? Following the flow downstream, we ask: what are the barriers to healthcare in screenings for colorectal cancer in Black Americans? Last, we discuss the ways in which professional advocates and legislators address issues of childhood trauma. Through these stories, you will learn (as we did) the importance of advocating for citizens’ health.


Corey Flanders

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education

avatar for Tess Ahlers

Tess Ahlers

How Host Age Affects Susceptibility to Parasitic Infections, Biology Major
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are a group of parasitic, protozoan, bacterial, and viral infections that are generally found in tropical areas, especially in areas of poverty. Research into these diseases is vital due to their high prevalence. All too often, these diseases receive... Read More →
avatar for Kate Farmer

Kate Farmer

The Sun Rises Still: Using Policy Advocacy to Create Brighter Futures for Children Impacted by Trauma, Chemistry Major
Panelist Kate Farmer spent her summer interning with the Alaska Resilience Initiative, a nonprofit responsible for supporting resilience work and statewide responses to adverse childhood experiences. Driven by a dedication to promote healthy futures for children impacted by trauma... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Kendade 305

1:30pm EDT

Crafting Dynamic and Adaptive Messaging
This panel aims to discuss internship experiences involving dynamic interactions with diverse sectors of the public sphere. This panel includes participants from interdisciplinary fields sharing their experiences working with people of diverse backgrounds to represent the organizations with which we interned: Victoria’s Secret, Gap Inc, Minnesota Children’s Museum, CitySprouts, and the Old North Church. One common challenge was adapting to a spontaneous work environment in which the specific needs of our audience changed daily. Through different individual internships, we each learned the practical value of flexible communication and effective messaging in a working environment. The shared set of skills we developed are applicable to all future academic or professional endeavors.

avatar for Ariana Sarmiento Fielding

Ariana Sarmiento Fielding

Tale of Twin Cities, Art Studio Major
This summer I was a studio intern at Minnesota Children’s Museum. My role there was to help maintain and develop a new makerspace designed for children. As part of my daily routine, I interacted with visitors of the museum to assist with the use of materials that were available... Read More →
avatar for Qianzhen  Fu

Qianzhen Fu

Navigating between External and Internal Communications, Art History Major
This summer I worked at Gap Inc. Greater China as a communication & localization department intern. For an American retail industry launched in China, the role of communication is critical in driving business performance through localizing fashion taste, engaging employees and promoting... Read More →

Sharon Juerong Jiang

Adapting Messages and Targeting Consumers: nHow Does Public Relations Consultant Work in this Digital Era?, Economics Major and Nexus in Journalism and Media
We are born this digital era -- our lives are fulfilled with internet and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. While traditional media is going down, approaches for PR consultants and marketers to reach target audiences have changed a lot. In the past summer... Read More →
avatar for Julia


History Major, Costume Conservation at the Smithsonian
At a museum with over three million objects in its collections, how do you decide what types of preservation services each object needs? As a costume conservation intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, I was able to spend my summer experiencing the work of... Read More →
avatar for Shannon Seigal

Shannon Seigal

Cultivating Plants and Minds, Environmental Studies and Spanish Major
On a planet facing rapidly increasing environmental change and globalization, many children, particularly those who live in cities, are growing up without knowing where their food comes from. Citysprouts aims to educate students about food systems through the development and maintenance... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Cleveland L3

1:30pm EDT

Culture, Creativity and Collaboration in Visual Media
We as a generation are increasingly becoming a more visual culture and this panel is a prime example of how these trends are dispersed not only throughout cinema but throughout all forms of visual media. We have come together today to display several forms through which visual media has become incorporated into society, through non-profit arts organizations, museums, production agencies and student film programs. Join us as we take you on a journey through the deeply impactful and diverse world of visual media and watch as language, culture and history intersect with modern technology to produce accessible content for public consumption.

Through the mediums of film, photography and advertisement, five individuals take on international ground to explore international micro-cultures. From New York's African film hub to Bollywood, we take you on a journey of issues around freak show ethics, problems of distributing African films, issues surrounding the representation of low-income film producers, sexism within the Bollywood industry, and the utilization of all media forms in France’s fashion and art scene.


Robin Blaetz

Chair of Film Studies; Professor of Film Studies, Mount Holyoke College

avatar for Amanda  Gomez

Amanda Gomez

Navigating the Freak Show, Five College Film Studies and Spanish Major
Since the ‘freak show’ rose to prominence in the late 16th century, cultures around the world have gathered to interpret the human oddities. Though entertaining, one aspect that has not changed are the ethics which surround these people. My goal this summer was to shed light on... Read More →
avatar for Jasmine  Keuter

Jasmine Keuter

Visual Media and Translation in France's Fashion and Art Scene, Five College Film Studies and Romance Languages Major
France’s fashion, photography, film and art scenes are rich, diverse and unique cultures of practices, trends and products. These sectors of France’s global reputation and economy have become much promoted through the use of visual advances in photography, film and translation... Read More →
avatar for Shay  Lahon

Shay Lahon

Youth FX Behind the Scenes: The True, Hidden Powers Behind Minority/Low-Income Film Producers, Biology Major
Over the summer, I interned at a non-profit organization called Youth FX, a hands-on program, based in Albany, New York, that empowers youth (ages 10-24) through the education of digital filmmaking (as well as various, other media productions). Youth FX, historically, strives to liberate... Read More →
avatar for Kaatyaayani  Pandey

Kaatyaayani Pandey

My 'Filmy' Summer, Middle Eastern Studies Major
From wanting a career in diplomacy and politics as a first year at Mount Holyoke to working as a casting agent in the Hindi Film Industry as a rising senior, my journey as a student of the liberal arts has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Now, confident in my convictions... Read More →

Celestelle Webster

Inclusion or Representation?, Five College Film Studies Major
Inclusion or Representation? This question comes up in conversation around film diversity. Here we will talk through the definition of these terms as they function in the film industry and will come to a conclusion on how inclusion and representation cannot exist as two separate entities... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Clapp 206

1:30pm EDT

Education, Empowerment, and Individuality in Japan
How do we respectfully integrate Japanese and American culture while empowering and educating students? How does one traverse cultural boundaries? How do we successfully bridge the gaps between languages? How can we empower Japanese youth without imposing our western ideologies? This past summer, all four of our panel members interned in Japan and taught in classrooms. Through the examination of our individual experiences, our panel will address English education, women’s empowerment, classroom culture, and cross-cultural experiences. We will share our internship roles and responsibilities while discussing life outside of the classroom, and examine both the challenges and the value of living abroad and teaching in Japan.

avatar for Amy Grillo

Amy Grillo

Visiting Lecturer in Psychology and Education, Mount holyoke College

avatar for Jamesa Allen

Jamesa Allen

Cultures Converge in the Classroom, Sociology Major
This summer I had the opportunity to intern as a Group Leader for the Youth Empowerment Program with GPI US.  During my four weeks in Japan I traveled to four schools in different cities all over the country. I got to experience a wide variety of Japanese lifestyles with different... Read More →
avatar for Alyssa  Jones

Alyssa Jones

At Home in a Foreign Country, English Major
Is it possible to feel at home while living abroad? My summer internship took me to Japan, where I traveled to four different high schools to teach a program that focused on empowerment and the English language. For the duration of this internship, my living situation was one of the... Read More →
avatar for Erin Murdock

Erin Murdock

Women's Empowerment in Japan, Environmental Studies and Gender Studies Major
This summer I interned for GPI US, a company dedicated to Japanese youth empowerment. I spent June and July in Boston before traveling to Japan in August. In Boston, I coordinated youth empowerment programs at local universities. In Japan, I moved to a new city each week where I was... Read More →
avatar for Nicole Aline Pelletier

Nicole Aline Pelletier

English Education in a Changing World, Art History and East Asian Studies Major
In one of the most technologically-advanced nations in the world -- known especially for its historically extensive involvement with international exportation -- it may be surprising that Japan’s English Language Education (ELE) system does not focus primarily on developing advanced... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Kendade 107

1:30pm EDT

Empowering Learners to Become Future Leaders
“To teach is to learn twice” - Joseph Joubert

Despite our differing interests, we explored dimensions of entrepreneurship, language acquisition, sustainability and their intersection with the field of education. Through our internships, we connected the theoretical knowledge we have acquired in our Mount Holyoke courses with practical application in unconventional learning environments. The intercultural and technological exchanges in which we participated allowed us to act as stepping stones for the young and old learners we met. A valuable lesson that we all learned from our summers was that even though we were in positions of teaching and coordinating, we were just as much students in our individual experiences.

avatar for Kirk Lange

Kirk Lange

Associate Director, McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and Director of International Experiential Learning, Mount Holyoke College
As Associate Director of the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, Kirk Lange works with other academic centers, faculty, and external partners to advance cross-cutting priorities like Global/Local and the Social Innovation Initiative. He also helps students connect and extend... Read More →

avatar for Fatema Ali Asghar

Fatema Ali Asghar

The Intersectionality of Foreign Languages and Education, International Relations Major
This summer I interned at the International Language Institute of Massachusetts, a private, not-for-profit language school located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Its mission is to promote intercultural understanding by providing high-quality language instruction and teacher training... Read More →
avatar for Cailin  Van Nevel

Cailin Van Nevel

Change is Simple: Supporting the Environmental Movement through Education, Environmental Studies Major
This summer, I interned at Change is Simple Inc., a small, nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach elementary school-aged children about environmental issues and sustainability. I was able to both work with students and plan and execute curriculum as well as further applications... Read More →
avatar for Bernadette  Norman

Bernadette Norman

Teaching English Abroad: the Discrepancy of English Education for Migrant Children in China, Romance Languages Major
With the largest population on the planet, China has over 30 million migrant children in its cities. These children’s access to social welfare services such as healthcare and education is significantly limited. This summer I interned at a not-for-profit organization called Stepping... Read More →
avatar for Crystal  Seo

Crystal Seo

Computer Science Major
Many people imagine computer science internships as just sitting in front of desks and staring at a screen for hours coding. It seems like it does not require as much interaction with other co-workers and to not share ideas and work collaboratively. However, computer science is indeed... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Reese 304

1:30pm EDT

Government and Policy across Borders
This panel focuses on internships in government and policy on different levels: state (or provincial), national, international and supranational. Students interned for the United States Congress, the European Parliament, a non-profit international organization, a multi-national business collaborative, and the Fulbright Commission. Our internships examined the different interactions between government and policy and different career possibilities for students with backgrounds in politics and international relations. We each faced challenges in our internships, whether it was being the only woman in a predominantly-male environment, a woman of color in a Belgian firm, or working abroad in a foreign language. We will explore the differences and similarities in our internship’s relationship with government and policy, as well as the challenges we faced in acquiring internships, both at home and abroad. Our students who interned abroad will address their specific challenges in living abroad, while our students who interned domestically will address their specific challenges as well.


Sohail Hashmi

Professor of International Relations on the Alumnae Foundation and Professor of Politics

avatar for Lorena Cacho

Lorena Cacho

Shaping Your Future: Life within an International Organization, International Relations Major
During the summer of 2017 Lorena had the opportunity to intern in Montevideo, Uruguay for the Latin American Integration Association. Being an international relations major whose aspirations are to someday become a lawyer and work with human rights in the UN, she thought that working... Read More →
avatar for Sarah McCool

Sarah McCool

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Revolution, International Relations Major
During this panel, Sarah will discuss her internship at the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, a Boston-based nonprofit that aims to train, recruit, and elect women candidates for office across the state. Sarah spent her summer researching and writing the 40-year, complete... Read More →
avatar for Upasana  Sharma

Upasana Sharma

Policy Making at International Institutions: Fulbright Commission, International Relations Major
Upasana’s presentation will focus on her experience at the Fulbright Commission in Brussels, Belgium as an Educational Advising Intern during the summer of 2017. She will focus on three main aspects of working at the Fulbright: international diplomacy, policy making and education-based... Read More →
avatar for Anna Shortridge

Anna Shortridge

International Politics on Capitol Hill: from the Senate to the House, Politics Major
As a student studying international politics, I had the treat of splitting my summer between two internships on Capitol Hill: one with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the other with the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade. I watched... Read More →
avatar for Echo  Wang

Echo Wang

Europe as a Cross-Border Democracy, International Relations & French Major
This presentation will focus on how the democratic institutions of the European Union function and how they embody the idea of democracy. Through her eight-week internship at the European Parliament, Echo familiarized herself with the structure of the Parliament and various public... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Kendade 303

1:30pm EDT

Imperfect Internships: It’s Not the End!
Everyone dreams of finding the perfect internship, but what happens if you don’t? Internships can bring challenges at every stage, and this panel wants to help you be prepared for these potential pitfalls. This summer, these five panelists worked in internships across a wide variety of fields, including think tanks, arts non-profit organizations, NGO’s, academia, and Wall Street. Come hear about some of the hurdles that can arise throughout summer internships -- and how to overcome them. Topics will include navigating difficult work environments, taking initiative, and making the most of your internship to create a solid springboard for the future.


Steven Schmeiser

Associate Professor of Economics

avatar for Hana


The Walls That Surround Us: an NGO Experience in Cambodia, Economics Major
In a developing country, such as Cambodia, the poor live on the doorsteps of those who have it all. In an attempt to fix this financial disparity and improve income generation, several microfinance NGOs have gathered to provide financial literacy and help with loan management among... Read More →
avatar for Sarjana  Jaiswal

Sarjana Jaiswal

Trial and Error: Finding Your Calling Through Fearless Exploration, Economics and Nexus in Global Business Major
This summer started out a little bumpy, as I struggled with an internship and organization that I was excited about but was not learning enough in. The chasm between my vision for the summer and the reality was growing wider when I stumbled upon an opportunity at the Indian Council... Read More →
avatar for Kannah Landford

Kannah Landford

When Life Gives You Lemons Make It Count, Economics Major and Nexus in Global Business
This summer I had the opportunity to work on Wall Street, but I have no finance background. You do not need a degree in finance to work on Wall Street, but it will help you. Throughout the summer I faced a few bumps in the road because I lacked confidence. I was surrounded by Ivy... Read More →
avatar for Olivia Solomon

Olivia Solomon

Staying Confident When Facing Confusion, Anthropology Major
Conflict resolution is a critical skill that is needed both in conflicts across the globe and in our daily work lives. This summer, I worked at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, helping a group of professors there to develop... Read More →

Frieda Yeung

David Sanford, Music
Music, Time, and Trauma

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Clapp 407

1:30pm EDT

Navigating Diverse Business Environments through a Liberal Arts Lens
Our panel brings together our collective reflection on how our liberal arts background shaped our experiences this summer, specifically in organizations with a business focus. We will be discussing the work environment, culture, size, roles, and responsibilities among other key factors that heavily influenced the start-ups, consulting, and law firms in which we worked. Our internships drew upon the skills we have honed as Mount Holyoke students including problem-solving, adaptability, creativity, and much more. Coming from diverse academic backgrounds, we each bring a unique perspective to our panels. At the core of our personal narratives, we hope to share stories of our personal and professional growth, as well as provide advice for students who are considering pursuing internships in business fields.

avatar for Rick Feldman

Rick Feldman

Lecturer in Economics; Entrepreneurship, Organizations and Society; Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Mount Holyoke College
Entrepreneur and social business entrepreneur; business as well as NGO CEO and Board member; worked closely with Valley Venture Mentors for 7 years; currently faculty member at Mount Holyoke College teaching and helping students to enjoy and prosper with entrepreneurship and social... Read More →

avatar for Shruti Khullar

Shruti Khullar

Importance of a Liberal Arts Education in Big Business, Economics Major
As a capital markets communications intern in one of the largest business advisory companies worldwide, FTI Consulting, I learned quite a lot about investor relations: consulting, my primarily role, as well as related fields of corporate finance, corporate reputation, digital communications... Read More →
avatar for Alessandra  Massa

Alessandra Massa

How a Liberal Arts Education Prepared Me for Finance, Politics & Russian Studies Major
As a politics and Russian studies double major, I embarked on a daunting task this past summer. Sparked by my interests in the markets, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and into the world of wealth management. Working as a capital raising and marketing intern for a boutique... Read More →
avatar for Xinyi  Zhao

Xinyi Zhao

Exploring Marketing in a Law Firm, German Studies & Philosophy Major
Why does a law firm needs a business development department which focuses on marketing? My summer internship in one of the biggest law firms in China may provide an answer to this question. Working as a marketing intern in King & Wood Mallesons, my experience offers a different perspective... Read More →
avatar for Anna Zheng

Anna Zheng

Connecting the Classroom and Campus Experience to Consulting, English Major
What does it take to grow a business? How can a liberal arts education background add a valuable perspective to consulting? How can consultants play a role in creating social change and impact? This summer I went behind the scenes as an intern for The Azara Group, a leadership and... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Cleveland L2

1:30pm EDT

Scaling Development Policy of Sub-Saharan Africa: Local to Global Perspectives
Within the breadth of policy-making, development, and education, Sub-Saharan Africa offers a vast range of opportunities. The members of this panel dispersed their interests and skills among the fields of community engagement, local and international government work, and scholarly research, thus assessing Sub-Saharan Africa from within its many socio-political environments. These panelists challenged their knowledge of what it means to: explore the differences of education systems in Ghana, build peace after war from locals and NGOs in Liberia, develop sustainable business environments through policy research with the Ghanaian government, practice diplomacy at the United Nations, and develop economic data on health and education for numerous African states. As they come together in the panel, "Scaling Development Policy of Sub-Saharan Africa: Local to Global Perspectives," Donari, Javeria, Rhema, Edith, and Sabah invite you to explore how the conventional notions of development were challenged during their internships and share in their experiences that incite cross-cultural discussion.


Girma Kebbede

Professor of Geography

avatar for Edith  Amoafoa-Smart

Edith Amoafoa-Smart

A Summer at the UN: Lessons in Diplomacy & International Policy Creation, French and International Relations Major
This summer, I was a participant and primary witness to the upscaling and downscaling processes involved in the formation of international law and policy, and to the impact of the practice of diplomacy on domestic policy creation. Interning with the United Nations through the Permanent... Read More →
avatar for Rhema Ewurama Andah

Rhema Ewurama Andah

The Space Where the Ghanaian Courts Meets Development, International Relations Major
Ghana’s economy is expanding rapidly. There has been an influx of international organizations and corporations into the country. For some, doing business in Ghana has been a wonderful experience; however, for others, it has been a tiring and dreadful experience. As a result of this... Read More →
avatar for Javeria Kella

Javeria Kella

Beyond Textbook Theories: Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Liberia, International Relations & Geography Major
The dialogue on war and peace has existed throughout time. Historically, textbooks have conceptualized post-conflict states as inadequate entities, and peace has been glamorized and associated with the civilized men. Today, we associate these civilized men with international institutions... Read More →
avatar for Sabah Majid Lotia

Sabah Majid Lotia

Health and Economics: a New Approach to Health Policy, Economics Major
In today’s world, some of the greatest health policy challenges are economic in nature. Whether they are global, community or individual-level healthcare systems, such macroeconomic and microeconomic fundamentals affect our lives on a daily basis. As a result, making efficient policy... Read More →
avatar for Donari Yahzid

Donari Yahzid

Reconceptualizing Education in Ghana: How Acquiring Knowledge Builds a National Identity, Anthropology and Politics Major
Throughout time, people have grown to conceptualize a “proper” education through the rigid constraints of formalized institutions. We often neglect the knowledge gained without a degree for scholarly evidence and reputable sources. But what of those who cannot afford a formal... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Cleveland L1

1:30pm EDT

Striving for Social Betterment: Behind the Scenes of Non-Profit Organizations
The purpose of “non-profit organizations,” as the term itself suggests, is not to distribute excess revenue to their members but to advocate for various social causes. The five members of this panel worked at both domestic and international non-profit organizations over the summer with wide-ranging missions. They applied different skillsets in their respective roles for these organizations, many of which were informed by their Mount Holyoke education. Each panelist will discuss not only their internship experiences, but also their insights about working in a humanitarian field while dealing with the unique challenges behind the scenes.


Timothy Farnham

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

avatar for Claire Beckett

Claire Beckett

Challenges of an Ethical Life: Research in Global Labor Practices and Supply Chains, French and Politics Major
How does one begin to combat the wide-ranging labor rights abuses that occur worldwide? As our world economy becomes increasingly global, so too do the labor rights issues inextricably linked to it. Is it possible to work alongside multinational corporations in the fight against these... Read More →
avatar for Hoai Thu  Dang

Hoai Thu Dang

A Summer as Development Intern at Frances Perkins Center, Economics Major
Frances Perkins Center commits itself not only to the preservation of our first female Cabinet member’s history, but also to the betterment of the society through various programs that recognize and encourage various members of the community to dedicate their effort towards public... Read More →
avatar for Trang Thu Hoang

Trang Thu Hoang

Human Library Vietnam: Eradicating Social Prejudices through Open Dialogues, Psychology Major, English Minor
Coming to the unique “library” full of human “books” at one of the Human Library project’s events is a chance to tear down your preconceptions about a person’s identity, be it their gender, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, occupation or lifestyle. This summer... Read More →
avatar for Anima  Shrestha

Anima Shrestha

Preserving the Legacy of Frances Perkins and Promoting Social Betterment, Politics Major
The Frances Perkins Center in Maine has two important goals. One is to preserve the legacy of a woman who changed the social fabric of America, and another to recognize those who have improved the lives of others through their work in government and other NGOs. My education at Mount... Read More →
avatar for Anran Wang

Anran Wang

Political Ecology in Action: Takeaways from Working at WWF China, Economics and Environmental Studies Major
Anran’s summer internship at WWF China became a hub of synergies. Professionally, the international NGO platform enabled her to build ongoing relationships with groups of dedicated professionals working across various sectors, and to participate in over-arching discussions in Beijing... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Reese 316

1:30pm EDT

The Past, Present, and Future of the LGBTQ Community around the Globe
This summer, panelists Eisha Khan, Michelle Arque, Lindsay Theobald, and Allison Elliott had one common mission and that was activism within the LGBTQ community. Having worked at Audre Lorde Project, Michelle worked on the present and future of people of color within the LGBTQ community. On the other hand, having worked at the Lesbian Herstory Archive, Lindsay gained a rich background in the history of the lesbian community. Moreover, Allison also worked for Herstory, but she worked in a different department and gained a completely different experience. As for Eisha, she worked with the Transgender Initiative Office in Karachi where she developed an understanding of the the history of violence against the transgender community, their current standing within Pakistan, and what can be done for them. The range of experiences the panelists have gives one an idea of how activism is not a limited field - there is so much that can be done.


Timothy Malacarne

Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science


Allison Elliott

Archival Processes, Gender Studies and Politics Major
Over the summer, I did an internship at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, New York. My responsibilities at the archives were to organize and categorize the large banner collection consisting of materials gathered from political protests and/or marches from the mid-to-late-twentieth... Read More →
avatar for Eisha Khan

Eisha Khan

Venturing into the World of Social Entrepreneurship, Math Major
Over the summer, Eisha ventured into researching her socially-driven for-profit business model, which is a restaurant. The social aspect of the business is that Eisha wants to create opportunities of employment for the marginalized transgender community in Pakistan. At large, her... Read More →
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Michelle Araque Pérez

Audre Lorde Project, Critical Social Thought Major
This summer, Michelle interned at the Audre Lorde Project (ALP), whose offices are located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York and was founded in 1994. ALP is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirit, transgender and gender non-conforming people of color community-organizing center, which... Read More →
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Lindsay Theobald

A Global View of Lesbian Material, English Major
For the summer, Lindsay worked at the Lesbian Herstory Archive in Brooklyn, New York. As a community-based volunteer archive, the organization has made its mission the preservation of the herstory of the lesbian community and in doing so has amassed the largest collection of lesbian... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Carr 102

1:30pm EDT

The Times it is A-changin': The New Face of Journalism in the Digital Age
It’s safe to say that the nature of journalism is undergoing change. In the digital age, for some newspapers and magazines, this means a constant struggle to keep up with the immediacy of the internet. This summer, each of us experienced working at publications with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Many are struggling stay afloat with the loss of advertising and subscription revenue while remaining relevant in a world where news is increasingly consumed through listicles and live-tweets. With limited resources, publications now expect writers to be the “six-in-one journalist”—photographer, social media guru, videographer, web manager, editor, and reporter— all while fact-checking and delivering top quality and ethical work. In each of our internships, we learned how to adapt to these changes as multi-faceted journalists across small-town, niche, big-city, and regional publications.


Todd Brewster

Visiting Senior Lecturer in English

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Sana Hasan

Journalism In Pakistan: Cultural Reporting from Karachi, Psychology Major
This summer I interned at a monthly English current affairs and political magazine in Karachi, Pakistan. My tasks included reporting on cultural events around the city. I wrote a minimum of four articles for each issue, for four issues, as well as managed content for the magazine... Read More →
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Rebecca Mullen

What They Don't Teach in Journalism Class, Critical Social Thought Major
Last summer, I worked as an news reporting intern at the Daily Hampshire Gazette, a regional paper based in Northampton, Massachusetts. Going into the internship, I wanted to learn about the journalism industry and improve my writing and reporting skills. Over the course of my summer... Read More →
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Eileen O'Grady

Challenging Times: the Small Town Weekly in a 24/7 News World, Politics & French Major
Panelist Eileen O’Grady spent her summer multitasking. As an editorial intern for the Stowe Reporter LLC and based at the Shelburne News in Shelburne, Vt., O’Grady’s responsibilities included researching topics, conducting interviews with everyone from the town manager to the... Read More →
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Madeline Skrak

Finding my Niche at The Chronicle, Spanish Major
Why would readers seek print news about a competition that was hot on Twitter a week ago? The Chronicle of the Horse magazine in Middleburg, Virginia has jumped through modern obstacles in order to transition into the internet’s landscape of immediacy. This weekly magazine, traditionally... Read More →

Friday October 20, 2017 1:30pm - 2:25pm EDT
Kendade 203